Known Issues for Picasa for Mac Beta

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | 10:33 AM

Update for Build 3.0.2

Hi again Picasa for Mac users,

As you can see, we've just released a new version of the Picasa for Mac beta. It includes quite a lot fixes, just a few of which we've highlighted below. A full feature list is soon to come. We'll continue to update this blog for the time being, so check it out. And as always, if your issue isn't listed, please continue to use the forum to bring it to our attention.

  • FIXED. When Picasa scans Photomatix TIFF files, Picasa can close unexpectedly. As a workaround, use the Folder Manager to exclude all TIFF files during the scan.

  • FIXED. Photos on external or partitioned drives disappear from the Picasa library after the initial scan.

  • FIXED. Importing from some USB connected devices can produce an "destination is full or read only" error message.

  • FIXED. Picasa for Mac will only save successfully to drives formatted to the Mac OS (HFS+).

  • FIXED. Picasa for Mac incorrectly calculates the size of blank DVD media. As a workaround, use CD-Rs to successfully create gift CDs or backup photos.

  • FIXED. Pictures found and imported in Picasa will show the incorrect date and time.

  • Finished movies or collages could display as drafts in the Library post-creation.

  • Videos uploaded to Picasa Web Albums through Picasa for Mac, display as a black thumbnail although video playback should be unaffected.

  • Music doesn't play during slideshows in Picasa.

  • Picasa doesn't import folders with a special character, like a forward slash "/", in the name. As a workaround, remove any special characters from the folder name.